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2022-06-17 Fri

Hall 1 (UTC+8) 2022-06-17 Local Time

08:30-09:45 (UTC+8) 08:30-09:45 Local Time | Oral Abstract Session
Beijing Time (UTC+8) Local Time Talk Title Speaker
08:30-08:40 08:30-08:40

Effects of an intradialytic bicycle ergometer exercise program on mitochondrial biogenesis markers in CKD patients

Jessyca Brito [Brazil]
08:40-08:50 08:40-08:50

EPP-AF® Green Propolis extract supplementation mitigate inflammation by modulating Nrf2 in patients with chronic kidney disease on peritoneal dialysis

Beatriz Baptista [Brazil]
08:50-09:00 08:50-09:00

Effect of intradialytic oral nutritional supplementation with and without exercise on the skeletal muscle quantity and quality of adult’s hemodialysis patients

Geovana Martin [Mexico]
09:00-09:10 09:00-09:10

Calculating the climate footprint of plant based renal diets: are they better for the environment ?

Kelly Lambert [Australia]
09:10-09:20 09:10-09:20

High-volume pre-dilution on-line HDF (HVPO-HDF) is the ideal blood purification method from the viewpoint of amino acid nutrition

Toru Hyodo [Japan]